Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daniel Sprogis

Character Rotation

Character Expressions

Character Action pose
Personal Art-Human Bone Studies
Personal Art- Charcol drawings of hands

Room Interior drawing #1

Room interior drawing #2

geometric objects: before & after

Storyboard Test

Hand Action Drawing #1

Hand Action Drawing #2

Life Drawings (apx 5 mins in length)

Here are portfolio pieces from Dan Sprogis. His Portfolio was from the 2008-2009 year of applicants.


Anonymous said...

These are all shit.

Dan said...

You won't get far with that attitude, Jimbo.

Allen Zhang said...

Hey Dan, I have a few questions about Sheridan portfolio requirements. For the personal art part, does Sheridan prefer a good balance of different media; or can I just use a single media? What did you do? Thanks.

Tara Farrell said...

Fantastic job Daniel.. great hands.. :)
Jimbo doesn't know shit.. lol

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Maac Kamla said...

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Anonymous said...

Calm your tits